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Powder Coating Pre Treatment Chemicals

Cleaning and proper preparation of the metal is an essential key to achieving a good quality finish. We manufacture the full range of products to suit any set up, from a one stage cleaner/ phosphate which is ideal for high pressure or hand washing to the chemicals for a full 7-9 stage cleaning system. Degreasers– Highly efficient alkaline (low temperature) or acidic based Acids Full range of acids which have built in cleaners Phosphates– Multi metal calcium nickel modified zinc phosphates, low sludge, 1000+ salt spray corrosion resistance

  • Multi alloy phosphates which operate like a conventional iron phosphate system but provides exceptional salt spray resistance 500-750 hours .100 % Chrome free. Multi metal, no sludge.

Chromate- Artchitectural approval 1000 hour salt spray corrosion resistance Passivation  Chrome or chrome – free Paint strippers  We manufacture high speed paint striping solutions, hot or cold