Powder Coating Pre Treatment Chemicals

Cleaning and proper preparation of the metal is an essential key to achieving a good quality finish. We manufacture the full range of products to suit any set up, from a one stage cleaner/ phosphate which is ideal for high pressure or hand washing to the chemicals for a full 7-9 stage cleaning system. Degreasers– Highly efficient alkaline (low temperature) or acidic based Acids – Full range of acids which have built in cleaners Phosphates–  Multi metal calcium nickel modified zinc phosphates, low sludge, 1000+ salt spray corrosion resistance

  • Multi alloy phosphates which operate like a conventional iron phosphate system but provides exceptional salt spray resistance 500-750 hours .100 % Chrome free. Multi metal, no sludge.

Chromate- Artchitectural approval 1000 hour salt spray corrosion resistance Passivation – Chrome or chrome – free Paint strippers – We manufacture high speed paint striping solutions, hot  or cold